Sustaining Endeavour Launches in the Barossa

Sustaining Endeavour Launches in the Barossa


Sustaining Endeavour are preparing to offer a recycling and rebate service to growers in the Barossa region for their old polypipe and GroGuard VineGuards. Growers interested in the service are asked to ensure that:

  • Old polypipe is separated from wire before being tightly recoiling using a recoiling machine (not by hand as resulting coils are too loose). See picture on the back to see how coils should look.
  • Ideally, recoiled polypipe is to be tied off with a length of polypipe to get the highest rebate, though string is ok.
  • Drippers are OK left in or taken out.
  • GroGuard VineGuards made from polypropylene are accepted at end-of-life provided they are flattened, stacked and secured tightly with string.

Sustaining Endeavour will ensure Growers plastic waste is recycled by Plastics Granulating Services in Adelaide. Provided Growers present waste as requested to ensure dense loads for viable transport, a rebate will be returned to Growers. It is anticipated that Growers will be able to use their rebate towards the following Australian made plastic products from Sponsoring Manufacturers in local Barossa stores:

  • High quality irrigation products manufactured by Netafim, Rivulis or Toro;
  • Untreated, strong timber vine posts with the protective qualities of recycled polyethylene from Woodshield; and
  • High quality VineGuards from GroGuard

Growers will also be able to put up to half their rebate towards local environmental projects run through the Barossa Grape and Wine Association.

Please advise Uma Preston from Sustaining Endeavour with details of polypipe (metres) or GroGuard VineGuards (number) that are ready for pick-up by emailing or call 0452 537 266.


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