McLaren Vale Farmers support local causes whilst earning a rebate

McLaren Vale Farmers support local causes whilst earning a rebate

It’s been ten months since Sustaining Endeavour launched its Recycling and Rebate Service with Regional Supply Store Partner, McLaren Vale Irrigation, MVI with impressive returns back to the region:

  • As at the end of April 34 tonnes of old polyethylene dripperline and vine guards have been collected from, or have been dropped off by thirteen Growers, large and small, for recycling at Plastics Granulating Services,PGS based in Kilburn, Adelaide.


  • PGS supply high quality recycled plastic to plastics manufacturers in Australia, including some of the Sponsoring Manufacturers backing Sustaining Endeavour’s Recycling and Rebate Service.

  • Growers have elected to put $460 of their recycling rebate towards the great work of the  Friends of Willunga Basin, FOWB who coordinate the McLaren Vale Biodiversity Group. The money has been spent by the group on four pruning saws and a drill used by dedicated volunteers like Alex Johnston (pictured) in their monthly creek restoration work. $50 also went to the McLaren Flat Tennis.

  • Growers can now elect to contribute a portion of their rebates towards the continuing efforts of the FOWB or the Fleurieu Folk Festival. This annual festival, organised largely by volunteers in October each year, plays an important role in presenting a diverse range of music and dance against the beautiful backdrop of the Willunga hills and surrounding vineyards, for the enjoyment of locals and visitors alike.

  • The thirteen Growers who have used the Sustaining Endeavour’s service now collectively have $850 of rebates available as a store credit through MVI towards their next purchase of great Australian-made irrigation products from Sponsoring Manufacturers, Netafim, Rivulis, Toro, Antelco and HR Products, as well as Woodhshield vine posts, GroGuard vine-guards and HR Products Green Well Water Savers.

Sustaining Endeavour is grateful to Growers for their efforts in presenting plastic waste as requested, which Sustaining Endeavour directs to Australian recyclers, whose high quality recycled plastic sustains a diverse range of Australian manufacturers, the high quality products they produce and the skilled jobs they provide.

Growers are encouraged to continue their efforts in correctly recoiling old polypipe and in stacking flattened and bagged vine-guards for recycling through Sustaining Endeavour, whilst supporting local causes with their rebates and/or earning a rebate towards new products through MVI.

Please contact Uma at Sustaining Endeavour on 0452 537 266 to discuss your recycling needs. Download the brochure for your region to learn more on how to correctly present plastic waste for recycling and about the great range of products that Growers can put their rebates towards through their local supply store, thanks to the Sponsoring Manufacturers behind Sustaining Endeavour. Sustaining Endeavour is presently operating in the McLaren Vale, Barossa and Langhorne Creek regions and plans to expand to other regions within and beyond South Australia.

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