About Us

Sustaining Endeavour was established in July 2016 in response to a vision for connecting Growers in agricultural regions with Sponsoring Manufacturers in the shared pursuit of improving regional sustainability and securing long-term Australian manufacturing jobs.

To make this happen, over the course of twelve months Sustaining Endeavour worked with Regional Supply Store partners to deliver a viable circular economy based recycling and rebate service. Participating Regional Supply Stores promoted Sustaining Endeavour’s recycling and rebate service to their clients, particularly when their clients were considering upgrade of their irrigation systems. 

Through its engagement, Sustaining Endeavour also learned greatly from growers and regional supply stores with regional knowledge and vision for making their farms and regions more productive, sustainable and biodiverse. Through our newsletters and case studies we’ve sought to share such stories and inform the farming practice of others.   

With the closure of Sustaining Endeavour’s plastics recycling partner, Plastics Granulating Services in June 2017, new local recycling partners are being sought with sufficient capacity to viably recycle plastic drip tube and vine guards. Sustaining Endeavour believe that for long term viability, that a circular economy recycling solution is the answer involving a supply chain of businesses that work cooperatively to recycle plastic and to collectively support new plastic products.