Products – Used Black Plastic Crates

For a limited time Sustaining Endeavour is selling Used Black Plastic Ventilated Crates 

The crates have inside dimensions of approx 590mm L x 390mm W x 178mm H. Crates are priced at $1:60 each, unsorted in bulk amounts of 78 crates on a standard timber pallet, a mix of Grade 1, Grade 2 and a small amount of scrap.

Buyers will need to arrange their own pick-up from St Clair in Adelaide’s north-west and if you wish to bring a standard reusable timber pallet in good condition to swap over for the one your order is packaged on, there is no charge for the pallet. Otherwise there is a charge of $16.50 for the pallet.

The previously used crates are generally still useful for a wide range of purposes. So far cherry and pomegranate growers have purchased the largest numbers of crates. A small number have also been sold to commercial businesses for equipment storage and display of stock such as DVDs.


The crates were previously used by a conventional flower grower and have been used multiple times. Following each cycle of growing the crates were emptied of soil, washed and again filled with soil for re-use in growing bulbs. The flower grower has now changed their process and requires trays of a different specification which Trident Plastics, an Adelaide based manufacturer will be manufacturing.

Trident Plastics, located in the Adelaide north-western suburb of St Claire, are the largest custom-moulder in South Australia offering a full suite of services from concept development, product design, prototyping, mould making and product manufacture to a diverse range of clients. As part of their standard service delivery for clients, aimed at eliminating waste, Trident Plastics will take back the flower grower’s old crates which were destined for recycling at Plastics Granulating Services, which closed without warning in June 2017. In the temporary absence of a suitable plastics recycling operation in Adelaide, the old re-usable crates are now instead available for re-use through Sustaining Endeavour.

To purchase please contact us.

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