Australian manufacturers of agricultural plastic products not only provide valuable skilled employment, but also contribute significantly to regional productivity and sustainability through the features of their products which Sustaining Endeavour seeks to highlight.  In addition Australian manufacturers of recycled plastic products also provide a driving force for the recycling of old plastic items through their demand for feed-stocks of palletised recycled plastic.

Sustaining Endeavour seeks to partner with agricultural Manufacturers who: see the need for responsible management of their agricultural products at end of life; embrace the opportunity to reward Growers for their recycling efforts; and have a desire to connect more closely with agricultural regions through a shared dialogue on sustainability, productivity, biodiversity and community improvement. By viewing all our Sponsoring Manufacturers as a collective, a cradle-to-cradle ideal for Australian manufacturing is being pursued within a circular economy. In this economy, plastic resources are continuously circulating between agricultural regions, Australian recyclers and a diverse range of Australian Manufacturers.

In its first year of operations commencing in July 2016, Sustaining Endeavour was sponsored by seven Australian plastics manufacturers to deliver a recycling and rebate service to Growers across three regions with the help of Regional Supply Stores and Grower Associations in each region along with plastics recycling partner Plastics Granulating Services, PGS based in Adelaide’s Northern Suburbs. Benefits for Sponsoring Manufacturers included:

Improved Positioning of Products – Sustainability and productivity benefits of Sponsoring Manufacturers products are highlighted to Growers through various channels such as case studies, snapshots, blogs and newsletters. workshops, Communities of Practice, CoP and conferences.

Improved Corporate and Social Responsibility –  Sustaining Endeavour has demonstrated how a plastics circular economy can work with a cooperative groups of partners and PGS. We now seek to kick-start the circular economy by connecting Growers with emerging local recyclers, and Sponsoring Manufacturers.

Strengthened Plastics Supply Chains – Recycled plastic feedstock for Australian manufacturing is better secured within a Circular Economy.

Building Support for Australian Manufacturing – Growers gain a greater awareness of Australian jobs in plastic recycling and manufacturing.

Sustaining Endeavour is grateful to continuing sponsors Netafim Australia and GroGuard. New Sponsoring Manufacturers and Recycling Partners are now sought as new recycling partners are sought ahead of circular economy workshops and Communities of Practice planned in early 2018.

 Please get behind the Sponsoring Manufacturers who have put their support behind Sustaining Endeavour.

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Sponsoring Manufacturers



For over twenty five years, GroGuard have manufactured VineGuards in Australia for Australian conditions delivering proven hands free growth straight to the wire as well as quick and easy assembly using our ZipSafe seal to become the biggest name in vine establishment technology.

GroGuard believes that strength, durability and reliability are key for growers, and all products are designed and made in Australia to the highest standards to deliver our legendary strength and reliability, backed by a 3-year guarantee.

GroGuard supports reuse of its VineGuards, which are proven to be reusable multiple times over. In becoming a Sponsoring Manufacturer with Sustaining Endeavour, GroGuard seeks to further assist growers in recycling end of life GroGuard VineGuards.


Since introducing the world’s first drip irrigation solutions in 1965, we have led the way by developing products that help our customers GROW MORE WITH LESS.

Netafim Australia, employing over 100 staff, was established in 1993 and is now the largest irrigation manufacturer in Australia and New Zealand. Netafim’s commencement as a Sponsoring Manufacturer within Sustaining Endeavour’s Recycling and Rebate Service on the 6th July 2016 builds on a history of supporting the plastics supply chain in Australia.

Netafim Australia offers a broad product range to suit your irrigation needs. From drippers and dripperline, sprinklers, filtration, valves and water meters, to automation (Crop Management Technologies, CMT), flexible pipes and agro-machinery, Netafim Australia has the irrigation solution for you.  

Your Australian Plastics Manufacturing Facility

Sponsoring Manufacturers will be signing up between July and September 2016 and will be profiled here. Please contact us to find out about becoming a Sponsoring Manufacturer with Sustaining Endeavour to assist growers across Australian regions to recycle and access rebates towards quality Australian-made plastic products, including yours.