McLaren Vale

In July 2016 Sustaining Endeavour commenced a Recycling and Rebate service in the McLaren Vale. As at the end of May 2017, thirty eight tonnes of waste agricultural plastic has been sent to to Kilburn in Adelaide’s northern suburbs for recycling by Plastics Granulating Services. This is a great start for Sustaining Endeavour’s service in the McLaren Vale and the support of all regional Partners is appreciated.

This plastic waste was comprised mainly of well recoiled end of life polyethylene dripperline (polypipe). There has also been about a tonne of end-of-life polypropylene vine guards and sprinkler stakes, whilst small, it’s an important result given the light weight nature of vine-guards that makes them vulnerable to becoming windborne if not correctly recycled. Wind born light weight plastic as well as smaller irrigation components like sprinklers and stakes can enter parts of the environment they shouldn’t, e.g. creeks and waterways, if they’re not collected and stored correctly at end-of-life for recycling.

Rebates are now available to sixteen Growers in return for their recycling efforts during the 2016/17FY, which they can use towards purchasing a range of high quality Australian-made plastic products from Sponsoring Manufacturers through McLaren Vale Irrigation. Several of these Growers  also elected to put up to half their rebate towards the great work of the McLaren Vale Biodiversity Group.

A Recycling Certificate was awarded to Brian Pridham, General Manager of McLaren Vale Irrigation in August 2017 reflecting the recycling and fund raising achievements of local Growers.

MVI – Recycling and Rebate Certificate


Please see our Recycling and  Rebate Service page for an update on the temporary absence of a suitable recycler in Adelaide and interim advice to Growers who wish to use our service when it resumes.