Other Services


Collaborations will be facilitated with the objective of finding solutions to regional or agricultural sector based problems and for harnessing opportunities that Sustaining Endeavour comes across in the course of delivering its services . Collaborations will bring together Regional  and Sponsoring Manufacturer perspectives and will access relevant programs and expertise.

Legacy Waste Issues

Sustaining Endeavour seeks to understand and facilitate improved responses and where possible solutions to legacy waste issues, such as where old dripperline has been recoiled with wire still attached. Unfortunately such waste cannot be recycled however, a waste-to-energy solution has been identified and will be trialed by a small number of South Australian Growers.

Other legacy waste issues for Growers are more complex and Sustaining Endeavour doesn’t shy away from looking at them more closely and considering how best we can assist.

Waste Reduction Strategy

So how full is that three cubic metre bin that you pay to have emptied on the same day every week, no matter how busy your operations are? What’s actually in that bin and could it be recycled instead, or even better could that waste be avoided? How much is your waste management presently costing on a tonnage basis, on a volume basis?

What are the environment impacts associated with your waste streams, within your property boundaries and beyond? What opportunities may lie in your waste streams and purchasing decisions to support reduced costs and improved environmental outcomes?

Sustaining Endeavour is able to draw on industry experience in guiding a waste improvement strategy within your business to reduce costs and environmental impacts caused by waste, whilst also building improved credentials amongst your staff and client-base.

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