Recycling & Rebate Service – On Hold

Closure of Adelaide’s Key Recycler

In June 2017, Plastics Granulating Services, PGS, who were South Australia’s only manufacturer of high-grade granulated recycled plastic made from end-of-life plastic, including consignments of old dripperline facilitated by Sustaining Endeavour, went into liquidation. Sustaining Endeavour is extremely grateful for the support of Stephen Scherer of PGS and his dedicated staff for their support of Sustaining Endeavour’s recycling and rebate service in its first year of operations.

Guidance for Growers

Due to the present absence of a suitable recycler in Adelaide, Sustaining Endeavour is unable to organise recycling pick-ups or drop-off for Growers until such time as one or more new recyclers are established in Adelaide.

Growers are encouraged to continue retrieving their old dripperline as per the instructions below and registering amounts they have ready for recycling with their Regional Supply Store or by contacting us.  We will be in touch once one or more new recycling partners emerge to discuss consolidating your load with that of your neighbours, or to arrange for you to drop-off your load to the recycler directly.

Growers who wish to use Sustaining Endeavour’s Recycling and Rebate Service need to ensure their waste is acceptable for recycling:

Polypipe is to be detached from wire, then recoiled tightly with a suitable hydraulic machine.

Polypipe recoiled with large wire recoilers having a large centre void space of 150+mm, or hand recoiled polypipe are not accepted as their density is not sufficient for viable transport.

Recoiled bundles are to be tied off with a length of polypipe. Adhesive tape or wire are NOT to be used. String maybe compatible with a future recycler but please check.

Poly-pipe is to to be free of excess soil, vines, and contamination.

Vine guards made from polypropylene are accepted at end-of-life provided they are flattened, stacked and packed compactly inside an old bulker bag with handles tied off tightly.

Recycling Dos and Don’ts

It’s vital that Growers ensure their waste is correctly presented to ensure the likelihood of the waste meeting the needs of a future local plastics recycler.

Recycling Don’ts

Bad recycling practises
Poor recoiling practice – A pile left by the side of the road.

x No rebate

x Not accepted by recycler

Polypipe and wire have been rolled up together. The wire is not compatible with recycling processes.

Coils are not tight/compact

Recycling Dos

AW Tube (2)
Good recoiling practises – Photo courtesy of Netafim

tick Reasonable rebate

tick Accepted by recycling partners

Wire has been removed prior to machine recoiling the old polypipe.

Coils are compact and tight with minimal void space in the middle of less than 100 mm.

Coils are tied off with a length of polypipe preferably as string may break down if coils are stored for several months outside.

Coils stacked neatly in a well drained area kept free of vegetation. This reduces likelihood of snakes and vermin being present within the coils and makes loading easier.