From June 2017, Sustaining Endeavour will establish a recycling and rebate service to Growers in the Riverland region for their old polypipe and vine guards with the aim of supporting Australian manufacturing jobs within a circular economy framework and tracking regional recycling outcomes. Sustaining Endeavour will ensure Growers plastic waste is recycled by an Australian Recycler. Provided Growers present waste as requested a rebate will be returned. Growers can use their rebate towards purchasing Australian made plastic products from Sponsoring Manufacturers in a participating Regional Supply Store.

Growers seeking to use the Recycling and Rebate Service should speak with their participating Regional Supply Store or Contact Us.

Please see our Recycling and  Rebate Service page for an update on the temporary absence of a suitable recycler in Adelaide and interim advice to Growers who wish to use our service when it resumes.