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Sustaining Endeavour, Netafim Australia, Woodshield and Recycling Plastics Australia have teamed up to provide a responsible, local recycling service for South Australian end-of-life driptube. 

  • Detach driptube from the wire before recoiling as tightly as possible into a dense bundle.

A Netafim Recoiling Machine on a dedicated trailer is available on a loan basis from Graetz Irrigation in the Barossa, McLaren Vale Irrigation or from Daish Irrigation in Strathalbyn. Machines are funded through a grant from the SA Government and with co-investment from Netafim and each store.

  • Drippers and cobra-clamps are OK left in. Ensure all vines and excess outer soil are removed.
  • Tie off bundles with a length of polypipe (preferred). String is also ok.
  • Place driptube on pallets or neatly stockpile in a well-drained and clear area where it can be stored for several weeks whilst waiting for advice from Sustaining Endeavour on the next local recycling opportunity. This may take up to three months or more.
  • Register via our contact form please provide the following details: Business Name, Contact Name for billing and phone, Amount of driptube (m), confirm bundles are free of wire.
  • Be prepared to pay $1 per kilometer + GST to be charged through your nominated regional store, plus a processing fee of $25 +GST. Growers will also need to organize their own transport to the recycler, RPA, based in Kilburn.  Please also be prepared to provide one to three photos when Sustaining Endeavour make contact.
  • Sustaining Endeavour will be in contact to organize a time for you to deliver your driptube to RPA when staff will be available to weigh and unload your consignment.
  • A Recycling Certificate of local circular economy driptube recycling will be issued by Sustaining Endeavour for your records once your driptube has been recycled by RPA.
  • The high-quality recycled resin derived by RPA from your driptube will be used by Netafim Australia and Woodshield to make quality recycled products at the highest standards you expect and suitable for a range of applications, thereby closing the loop on your old driptube.

The establishment of this circular economy recycling service for South Australian end-of-life driptube has been made possible thorugh a Circular Economy Market Development Grant from Green Industries SA and with co-investment and inkind contributions from Netafim Australia, Recycling Plasics Australia, Sustaining Endeavour and Woodshield.


Thanks for Recycling Locally. Any Questions please contact us.