What We Do

We have been Connecting Australian Manufacturing With Regional Communities for 5 years. Sustaining Endeavour is on a voyage to combat waste, conserve our resources and help sustain Australian jobs. The Circular Economy and responsible manufacturing are at the heart of what we do.

Sustaining Endeavour’s Closed Loop Dripperline Recycling Program for South Australian farmers is our main activity. For guidance on recycling your end-of-life dripperline through our service please download our updated guidance flyer from our Contact Page.

Our recycling service is based on principles of Product Stewardship and Circular Economy recycling. Product Stewardship is where brand owners take responsibility for products they manufacture or sell once they reach end of life. Circular Economy Recycling involves the brand owner supporting a local recycling solution.

Exclusive sponsorship by Netafim Australia drives a continued local recycling program in two critical ways.

Firstly, Netafim Australia take responsibility for recycling end of life dripperline when farmers replace their old irrigation with a Netafim product. In South Australia, Sustaining Endeavour schedules farmers’ dripperline to be dropped off at Recycling Plastics Australia, RPA based in Kilburn, Adelaide. To make the recoiling easier, Sustaining Endeavour, Netafim and the SA Government have previously assisted three SA regional stores to purchase a machine and trailer to facilitate efficient recycling.

RPA have the most sophisticated recycling equipment in Australia and recycle farmers’ dripperline into a high quality recycled resin, Sustaining Endeavour Post-Agri Resin, SE PAR.   

Secondly, Netafim Australia have committed to purchasing the resulting SE PAR derived by RPA from dripperline. Netafim Australia use the resin as part of manufacturing a range of Netafim Irrigation products at their factory based in Laverton, Melbourne. These products include Uniram Dripperline and Netafim LDPE Pipe at

Sustaining Endeavour promotes results from the service as well as case studies profiling sustainable farming amongst farmers who recycle and buy the products containing SE PAR.

Since Sustaining Endeavour commenced its circular economy dripperline recycling service with Recycling Plastics Australia in December 2018, Netafim Australia have purchased approximately 200 tonnes of SE PAR derived from dripperline consignments facilitated by us. This has allowed almost 3,500 kilometres of dripperline to be recycled and used in the Australian manufacture of new Netafim Irrigation products. 

Founding Director – Uma Preston

Uma established Sustaining Endeavour in July 2016 in order to devise and promote circular economy business models that connect Australian manufacturers and producers, local recycling industries and rural communities. Uma is also a member of the Australian Organics Recycling Association and has been the AORA SA Secretary and Policy Officer since December 2017.   

Uma Preston

Uma has previously worked in various advisory, consultancy and project management roles since starting her career as a graduate Chemical Engineer in the manufacturing sector in Adelaide. She has worked in government, private and not-for-profit sectors.

Stakeholder Engagement Officer – Shivani Preston 

Shivani has a Diploma of Conservation and Land Management and is presently studying Geography and Sociology as part of an Arts Degree. Shivani has worked and volunteered in a variety of settings with a passion for the environment and community engagement.